What is GNM or Germanic New Medicine

German New Medicine

from Dr. Med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

“It turns out that cancer is not what we were told…”

The science capable of understanding what it is, what it is for, and how cancer or any disease works, and that allows any of us to verify it on our own.

Scientific Verification of German New Medicine

Below you will find the verifications of German New Medicine by universities, hospitals, and doctors in Europe.

1st Verification

Verifications of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries

2nd Verification

Verification of Trnavska 1998

3rd Verification

Verification from the Pediatric Clinic in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, regarding German New Medicine

4th Verification

Verification from Namur in 1990 regarding German New Medicine

5th Verification

Verification from Vienna in 1988 regarding German New Medicine

“German New Medicine, or ‘GNM,’ is a science discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in Germany.

This science consists of 5 ironclad biological laws that are always fulfilled, which is why they are called iron laws. These laws are observable and repeatable in 100% of cases.

“Never, dear reader, have we human beings had such a perfect system as the German New Medicine, which allows us to understand what a disease is and what it is for.”

As clear as we state it, GNM explains a new paradigm, a paradigm where disease is no longer the result of contagion, guilt for your sins, or bad luck.

Disease is a biological process in which your body tries to adapt to a completely dramatic situation, experienced in solitude and in a totally unexpected way.

GNM explains how our body, which is formed by four germinal layers in the brain, has developed all the biological adaptation programs to help us overcome any situation we experience, but the solution is not as we expect. It is always in a biological way.

In other words, all our organs are developed by the four embryonic brain layers with one single purpose: to adapt when necessary to achieve our coherence. That is, if I need to breathe, the lungs will activate, if I need more air than usual to escape from a dramatic situation, such as escaping from a pursuing thief, you will realize that just at that moment of fear of death, the lungs will generate hyper-function and allow you to run faster than ever, activating an emergency program to escape from the situation you are experiencing and thus be able to rest and be at peace. This is why not only the lungs will adapt, but all the organs depending on the biological need.

In order to understand this a bit further, it is necessary to make an analogy with a piece of food. For my brain, everything is always real, even the symbolic. For example: If I can’t digest the words that were said to me because they make me very angry, my body will interpret that I ‘ate’ some words or ‘a piece of food,’ and the stomach acidity is not enough to digest them, so it will generate more hydrochloric acid in the stomach to try to digest the words I can’t digest. The moment I manage to overcome the situation, the body stops producing more hydrochloric acid and returns to normal. The fact of generating an excess of cells in the stomach, with the sole purpose of digesting a situation, is considered ‘cancer’ in traditional medicine. What is easily interpreted by us as a biological adaptation to achieve coherence and overcome a dramatic situation in a biological way.

GNM is the science that provides the biological understanding that allows us to know the embryological origin of each organ because Dr. Hamer took care to study the embryogenesis part again and realized that classical medicine has many errors in the embryological origin of many organs. For example: When we talk about the liver, classical medicine thinks it is purely an endodermal organ when we know it has ectodermal invaginations as well, which makes it a more complex organ than we thought. We owe these discoveries to Dr. Hamer. Doctor Hamer not only reviewed and corrected the embryology of the organs, but also developed Hamerian cardiology, which completely invalidates classical cardiology, among many other things.

These discoveries are vital because depending on the embryonic origin of each organ, we can know what conflict activated it, since there are only four embryonic layers in our brain, and each one is activated by key biological words or conflicts. For instance: The brainstem, with survival conflicts, the cerebellum with protection conflicts, the cerebral medulla with movement conflicts, and the cerebral cortex with territorial and contact conflicts.

So, we only need to know the embryological origin of the affected organ to know the conflict that may have triggered it and to know how the organ will respond during the active phase of the conflict (when there is still no solution to the situation) and during the resolution phase, that is, once the conflict has been resolved when the organ tries to return to normal.

This system is so precise that we can know the exact day, date, and time when a specific cancer was activated, regardless of whether it was 40 years ago.

With this biological mathematics, we can pinpoint the day, date, and time when the cancer activation occurred, and whether it is still active or has stopped growing.

It is a medicine of the future, and all those who want to learn it can do so by enrolling in the full New German Medicine training from the link below.”

“I want to train in German New Medicine.”

In GNM, with the ‘Psyche – Brain – Organ’ triangle, we can know exactly everything the person experienced.

If we know the affected organ, we can know which conflict they experienced and which area of the brain it affected. If we know the affected area of the brain through a computed tomography without contrast, we can know which conflict was experienced and which organs will be affected. If we know the conflict that was experienced, we can know which area of the brain is affected and which organ will modify its function to adapt to a dramatic situation experienced by the person.

The body’s objective is always to achieve maximum biological coherence in order to achieve happiness.

In GNM, we are not afraid of disease or cancer because we know what it is and what it is for. It is never something malign that tries to harm us, but quite the opposite. It is tissue that may have growth or damage during the active phase of a conflict, and after resolving the biological conflict, the organ will try to return to normal. When medicine observes either these two phases in an organ, it labels it as a disease or cancer, when in reality, it has always been a biological program specially designed by Mother Nature for our happiness.

“GNM is not a therapy, therefore it has no treatment.”

To apply German New Medicine, it is necessary for the person to do detective work and investigation. By conducting a complete anamnesis, locating clues, sensory memories, and past events, we can understand when they occurred and whether the situation has been resolved or not. If the person is unable to definitively resolve the conflict and experiences many relapses, if the conflict has lasted a long time, then we can determine the person’s current state.

Next, we identify the real biological solution, apply it, and wait for the repair phase. During this phase, the body tries to return to normal, attempting to make the organ function as it did before the conflict. This phase is commonly called a disease because it involves pain and inflammation. We can accompany it with some herbal remedies to alleviate the pain and support the person during this sometimes painful period.

However, it’s important to note that only humans live in an incoherent state for more than a few weeks. Animals either resolve their conflicts or die, find food or starve, escape water or drown, etc. We are the only beings capable of living in suffering, masking or denying the situation we are experiencing, and doing nothing about it. Comfortably adapted to a perverse system. This is not a good sign.

In the past, we assumed that certain dramatic situations caused problems in the body. Today, we know that any dramatic shock experienced by an individual, unexpectedly and in solitude (i.e., unable to share it), activates a biological program that will later be classified as a disease. The program acts on all three levels simultaneously: psyche, brain, and organ.

Therefore, individual responsibility is to be coherent with oneself and to quickly resolve the dramatic situation to avoid significant harm to the body, which is adapting to help you in the situation you are experiencing and cannot overcome.

So, dear reader, here comes the big moral lesson:

Health is not a right; health is the result of living in coherence

Those who seek happiness will die seeking it, and those who seek health will die trying. Health and happiness are the result of being coherent with oneself. They are the individual responsibility of being coherent with oneself.

If you want to learn more about the fascinating history and life of GNM, we provide the complete history and biography of GNM and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer below.”

Biography of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

German New Medicine

Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., was born in 1935 and grew up in Frisia, Germany. He completed his secondary school at the age of 18 and began his studies in medicine and theology in Tubingen, where he met Sigrid Oldenburg, a medical student who would later become his wife. At the age of 20, he passed his preliminary exams in medicine, married a year later, and completed his theology exams by the age of 22.

A daughter was born to the young family, and later a son, DIRK, who would play a very important role in their lives. At the age of 24, Hamer passed his state medical exam in Marburg. After completing his residency two years later, he was granted a professional license as a Doctor of Medicine. Several years followed working at the university clinics of Tubingen and Heidelberg. In 1972, Hamer completed his specialization in internal medicine. In practice, he worked alongside his wife, Dr. Sigrid Hamer. He always had a favorite pastime: patenting his inventions, examples of which include the non-traumatic Hamer scalpel for plastic surgery that makes cuts twenty times sharper than a razor blade; a special bone saw, also for use in plastic surgery; a massage bed that automatically adjusts to the body’s contours, as well as a transcutaneous device for serum diagnosis. The Hamers were a normal family, with four children (two girls and two boys), at least until August 1978, when a terrible event caused a shock in their lives: an Italian prince, heir to the House of Savoy, accidentally shot Dirk Hamer while he was sleeping on a yacht anchored off the coast of the island of Cavalo.

Dirk’s battle with death lasted nearly four months, with his father caring for him day and night. Dirk finally passed away on December 7, 1978. Years later, it became clear that this resulted in a loss conflict for Dr. Hamer, causing him testicular carcinoma. He subsequently named this type of conflict the “Dirk Hamer Syndrome,” a biological conflict shock that catches one unexpectedly “on the wrong foot.”

In 1981, Hamer believed that these connections applied only to cancer and did not suspect that THE IRON RULE OF CANCER would become a central discovery in the entire field of medicine. He submitted his discovery to the University of Tubingen in October 1981 as a post-doctoral thesis to meet the necessary requirements for teaching at the university level. The primary goal of his thesis was to provide his results for verification with upcoming cases as soon as possible to benefit patients! In May 1982, the University rejected the work linking the psyche with cancer, without bothering to verify even a single case, a matter they later acknowledged in court. In the years that followed, Hamer repeatedly tried to open a hospital or clinic as a refuge for his patients to benefit from his knowledge. This was impossible since concerted action was taken each time to prevent it.

Sigrid Hamer died in 1985, evidently from grief over the loss of her son and demoralized by the incessant intimidation inflicted on them by the powerful House of Savoy family. This persecution reached its peak in 1986 when the Coblenz district initiated legal action to prevent Hamer from practicing medicine because he “refused to deny the Iron Rule of Cancer and refused to adhere to the doctrines of official medicine.” All of this was established in just one hearing and was forcibly implemented; it was also determined that Hamer lacked the “maneuverability” and “necessary perception regarding the requirements of cancer therapy.”

Since then (1986), Hamer has not been allowed to speak with any patients. The judge presiding over the Cologne district court advised him through a court order to find (at the age of 51) some other profession unrelated to medicine. This made it nearly impossible for Hamer to continue his scientific research.

Lacking financial resources, a secretary, or colleagues, he had to obtain CT scans and documentation for his research with great difficulty, and only with the help of other doctors. This resulted in some cases not being documented to the level he would have preferred. Much was left to chance.

What a marvel it would have been if, instead, he had had a clinic and some financial support…

In 1986, a court ordered that the University of Tubingen must proceed with the post-doctoral dissertation process. Nothing happened until January 3, 1994, when the order to verify Hamer’s thesis was issued, a unique case in the history of universities! However, now, 13 years later, it had become unlikely that the university would verify German New Medicine based on the available cases. On April 22, the university announced that “there are no plans for verification of this dissertation within the framework of post-doctoral studies.” (Readers who wish to obtain more recent information regarding the events related to this dissertation can obtain information from the publishing house Amici di Dirk). In 1994, Hamer extended his system to the 5 biological laws that apply to all diseases in the entire field of medicine, based on research involving more than 20,000 cases.

Since the underlying requirements are entirely scientific, it is very easy to verify German New Medicine, the name it has been given since then. Both doctors and medical associations from all over the world constantly confirm its validity and attest to it through signed documents.

If you want to enroll in the complete training of German New Medicine, you can do so by clicking HERE.

We share below the origin and explanation of some very common types of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer.

In addition, you can read Dr. Hamer’s letters, certified by scribes and lawyers, denouncing that the German New Medicine was stolen and is being used by a small group of billionaires and is forbidden to the world, thus condemning people to die by the lethal protocols of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and butchery surgery.