The Great Confusion (Ebook in english)


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This book is dedicated to all those people who have tried in every possible way to share the new biological paradigm with their loved ones and have failed in their attempt. This book is for them, so that they can fulfill their honest and kind objective in a warm, organized, and non-violent manner.

A great confusion has been haunting the scientific community for years; however, lies do not last forever…

In this book, I have delved into the profound revelations about the foundations that uphold the house of cards of the medical warfare system in which we live.

For the first time, the discoveries of the greatest scientists are exposed, all together, hidden for two centuries, now available to everyone. This knowledge will no longer be kept private for the benefit of a few.

Among them, you will find some of the private memoirs of Louis Pasteur, where he confesses the frauds and plagiarism of his experiments. You will also learn about the discoveries of the true scientists who were silenced, such as Antoine Bechamp, Henry Laborit, Marc Fretchet, Gaston Noessens, Günther Enderlein, and the great legacy to humanity of the 5 Laws of Germanic Biology and Medicine by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, presenting both the theoretical and practical development of the true origins of diseases or biological programs.

In this book, we expose a great problem and a great confusion in society, but we also propose the solution.

Dear reader, the objective of this book is not only to serve as a tool to understand how the human body works but also to comprehend what is happening in the world. This book is a key that brings understanding and light to such confusion.